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Welcome to my Web site! ( Tourism In Mayantoc)

                                              Tourism in Mayantoc

Tayo na sa Mayantoc

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Who  What  Where  Questions ?

Question A:   When Tourist come to Mayantoc who will be the right person to contact first?


  • Please contact the Municipal Mayor Iluminado Pobre Jr. Mayor Tito Razalan is now a Board Member on the Province of Tarlac.

  •  He is the only person who could evaluate the present situation of the Municipality.

Question B: Where are the Tourist Spots and Scenic Locations ?


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Mayantoc Mountain View, Kalaw Water Falls,  Water Rapids     

          Honorable Mayor Tito Razalan  

  • Masaysay Dam at Nambalan

  •  Councilor Venus Razalan Tomas Now the Vice Mayor of Mayantoc


  • Hidden Paradise-Resort and Bantay Lima of  Pedro L Quinez.

  • Hidden Paradise Resort of Mayantoc

Question C: What are the things to remember to do and not to do ?


  • Bring your hiking shoes and outdoor wear.

  • Do not attempt to go to the wild Rain Forest alone and away from the group.

Question D: What kind of activities are available ?


There are many activities such as:

  • Hiking and Sight Seeing. There are many beautiful nature sights where it has unique species of animals and insects indigenous only to that region.  There are many different breeds of Butterfly and Dragonflies at the Rain Forest of San Jose.

  • There are two nice pools for swimming ,  video oke Singing,  playing at the billiard table and fishing at Hidden Paradise Resort. There are some drinks and food are available.

  •  The Guest can also cook barbeque in the Hidden Paradise Resort.

  •  Fishing for fun and Fishing Rod is available for Rent with in the Resort.

Question E:  How to get transportation, types of transportation, and its availability ?


  • The Mayor has his Own Service 

  • He Recommends that you bring your own. 

  • There are also a lot of Tricycle and Jeepney available for rent.

Question F: Where to buy food and what foods are available ?


  • There are a lot of fast food restaurants in  Mayantoc proper and the adjacent big town of Camiling .

  •  I recommend you to bring your own food.

  • Buy first in town before travelling toward  the mountain side.

  • However, if you can appreciate local foods the locals are happy to catch fresh fish such asTilapia and Bukto for a picnic.

Question G:  "Accommodation" for overnight stays. Where to find a hotel or a Cottage to sleep and rest ?


  • The Hidden Paradise-Resort might accommodate few Guest

  • Please ask the Mayor about the current available places

  • This is not a big city and guest should not expect Five Star of 3 Star Service

Question H: How do we ensure Safety to the visitors ?


  • It is a very safe place but I still want you to be in the Town proper before dark.

  • You can also contact the mayor for an escort.

 It will be publish in this website. Please make sure you write your name and the question you like to answer and your precise and specific answer.

 Source of Information :Conversation with the Mayantoc Former Mayor Tito Razalan now Board member of the Whole Province of Tarlac and  Council Woman Venus Tomas Now the Current Vice mayor of Mayantoc ( Ric ) 11/24/2008

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