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Welcome to my Web site! ( Shooters of Hawaii )

              Mayantoc Shooters of Hawaii

Outdoor Sports is really Fun. Once in a Great While I go with my friends to the koko Head Shooting Range at Honolulu Hawaii. It's Fun and Safe. This video is some clips with them.

We shoot Colt, Smith and Wesson, Bushmaster 223 the civilian version of the M16. The Remington 30-06 a civilian version of 30 caliber sniper or hunting favorites. Lots 22 Caliber which has a cheaper ammo just for fun, fun, play and practice I love Hunting and Fishing.

We used the 50 yards for the 22 caliber. 100 Yards for the 223 and the 200 Yard Range for the 30-06.

It's really fun the accuracy of this Guns is Super. Six out of ten rounds in the 100 yard is always in the Bulls Eye of the Target. On the 50 yard 99.99%  goes to the Center of the Target. It means almost every round goes to the Bulls Eye.



 Every New Year the Mayantoc Shooters of Hawaii have to test all there Toys at the shooting Range.1/1/ 2008 We brought Five Pistol and Three Rifles.  Pistol 22, 38, 9MM. 357, 45, Rifles 22, 223, 30-06,   All of them are in very Good shape. Ric first shot of the 223 rifle it is a Bulls Eye at 100 yards the scope is very accurate with a 10X50X50 Zoom Power. There is no need for a spotting scope . Jim shot is very close to the Bulls Eye for the Bushmaster 223 Rifle and Walther Camo Rifle. Ugalino is also very close shot to the Bulls Eye. At the end part we became better marksman and all of us hit the Bulls eye most of the time. After the Range we all go to Ric's House for a good Barbeque and Beer.

    11/26/2008 The recent picture of the Mayor Tito Razalan and Venus Razalan Tomas was taken inside Ric's House. We were getting ready to go shooting at the Coco Head Shooting Range when the big rain came. The rain lasted for several days and the plan was cancelled.

If you like to see the version where you could hear the sound of big bangs  click here  Mayantoc Shooters of Hawaii USA.

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