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Welcome to my Web site! ( Solar and Wind Power )

                   Harness The Power of Nature

Make use of the FREE ENERGY the power of the Sun and the wind. The uncontrolled cost of electricity and water bills forced me do this project. The brand new solar panels that i have installed at this time gives me six flourescent lights total of 30 watts of solar energy. YOU WILL NEVER HAVE BROWN OUT AGAIN. It is not connected to the grid. I made it all independent at this time so that I could later share the step by step installation, The mathemathecal calculation of the Voltages, Amperes and Wattages needed. The Two Solar Panel cost less than 200 dollars. The Turbine Generator cost less than 200 dollars direct from mainland. MAINTENANCE FREE. My next project is bigger. It's for my refrigerator. It needs a larger panel.... The water bills is getting higher. The water is not much but the sewer line is. It's raining last night and it's a nature's free water to my plants. In the residential area there is no way you could measure the amount of water consumption for your plants that did not use the sewer line, but still it is added on your sewer line bills. IT'S NOT RIGHT! The solution ??? I made four 50 gallons collection bin of water from the rain to water my plants. My plants are so healthy. The Turbine Generator is a back up during rainy season when there is no sunlight but wind. SAVE MONEY



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