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My Life and Family in Hawaii

New Beginning in Hawaii

  My Hawaii 1986 Arrived in Hawaii to live with my family. I was first employed at Castle and Cooke Company at Dole Isle ways Pier 36 Honolulu Hawaii as a Mechanic Welder. I was in charge of maintenance and repair of Five Cranes, Five Tug Boats and six Barges. Pass the US Coast Guard welding Test Q1. There were 23 of us in the crew in the Pier. Most of the the work was a routine. Early in the morning three smaller Tug Boat would meet the  Big ocean going Tug outside the channel. We would take one of the tow Barges and bring it in Pier 36 for loading and unloading cargo. After every barges and Tug Boats is secured I will then check all the conditions of the Barges and start doing the necessary repair. Most of the repair is mechanical and welding. There's plenty of overtime and the pay was good also.

 After few months in this job my second child was born and it's a boy. I named him Christian with the strong prayer that he will be a good boy. Time passed by so quickly and two years in Hawaii is over. Living and renting with the in laws is not my dream so I tried to make a loan used to purchased a new home. It was approved luckily my dream to have one of my own comes true. I was also given  several schooling about Hydraulic and Pneumatic Machines at the Cannery. "The Bad News ".It was 1991 when Castle & Cooke decided to shut down the Pineapple business in Hawaii. After six years working at Pier 36 we received the bad news, the place was going to close and everyone have to find another place to work. The company has given us 3 months to look for a job before it finally close down. It was scary but I have to start sending application while still working.

I also started doing  more side jobs my own business making Gates and Fences on the week ends. It was pretty good source of Income. I was quite ready for the approaching closing of Pier 37. I was planning to expand my business if there is no another alternative but that one morning I received a call from the Queens Medical Center asking me for an interview. I was accepted immediately and wanted me to start right away.

After receiving my severance pay from castle and Cooke at Pier 36. I started working for the Queens Medical Center 1991. Welding is in demand and it's the easier job to get in, I used it as the  window of opportunity. Keep my Engineering Degree as a hidden treasure, Expose it and use as a strong  backbone when the time and money is right and necessary.

The Queens Medical center

As years go by and keep learning other things I came to see the good  opportunity in online business. It was very exiting the cash flow was unbelievable. It became my hobby after work. I went back to graduate school lots of schooling and training. Learned a lot of skills.

Trainings & Schooling Sponsored by the Queens Medical Center

Modern Electricity and Electronics - Class held at Hawaiian Hilton Waikiki 

OSI Surgical Table - Repair and Maintenance - Class was held at QMC Home Base at California

Swisslog  Translogic Matrix Material Distribution System- Class was held at  QMC  Pneumatic Tube System, Denver Colorado Home Base

Stryker Training to Las Vegas

Hill-Rom Schooling at Indiana

Total Door Training at Pontiac Detroit Michigan

Working for the Queens Medical center is very challenging work because every day there is  always a new and another problem to troubleshoot and repair on the  equipment and facilities. enjoy working and dealing with patient and so as to all the employees of the Medical Center which has over 3,000 employees. The Medical center is a very friendly environment with very nice and understanding people from the Top to the bottom.

Years has gone by so quickly and more than 20 years has passed just like a blink of an eye." Napakabilis ang panahon." since I arrived in Hawaii.

 Now is year 2014

 My Kids has Grown very fast. My daughter Graduated her Bachelors degree in Washington at Seattle University. Graduated her Master Degree at Hawaii Pacific University. Now working with me at the Heart Center of The Queens Medical Center.

 My son went  University of the Pacific graduated at University of Hawaii. Graduated Naval Nuclear Power Cadet and now a property of the United States Navy.

 I should be very happy because my kids have graduated and have  good jobs and good life but with out them I feel lonesome sometimes.

 Ala-Ala Time has gone by;  I remember it was about 40 years ago when I was still single, working as  Merchant Marine, I always prayed and cried to God to give me a longer life, To have a good wife and two kids. It was granted. I made a commitment to God to be a good father, to raise my kids to be good, to give them good education. I think I have fulfill that promise and commitment. I also add in that prayer that if I had fulfill that dream I would be ready to rest and ready to stay with the father almighty. I hope I am worthy because time is short and the ending is getting closer..............



The Queens Medical Center: ( Ric Video)


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