History of the Hidden Paradise Resort of Mayantoc

   HISTORY  The Hidden Paradise Resort and Recreation Center! The initial name was  Mangrobang Cabungan Resort. It was renamed by Ric Mangrobang of Hawaii during his vacation in the Philippines on March of 2005.

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Long long time ago in the 1950's there was a Miracle of nature a wonderful creation. The formation and creation a big River from  Mayantoc to  Camiling. The  tiny multitude of spring water coming from the slopes of the Rain Forest rush down creating a very big body of clean clear river. It's rapids and deep deep beautiful lakes  became a breeding place sanctuary and source of the edible delicious (Bukto)  Fish and (igat) Ell. Portion of this water  was used by the farmers below thru the Magsaysay Dam at Nambalan a project of the National Irrigation Administration.

 1960's The river flows down from Labney, Nambalan, Binbinaca,  Gayong-Gayong, Sagsagat, Kabatuan, Mapandan, Mamonit then to Mayantoc. Just below Gayong gayong at Poon Bato is  sitio Sagsagat, where a branch of stream is diverted  to the kakupangan thru a canal at Apong Lino Fernando's property, The kakupangan  became a breeding place for the edible paltat, dalag, gurami, and lots more. Food is abundant everywhere.  About a mile down is the Nagsabaran, it is where the river became bigger the tiny stream meets and the excess water from the Irrigation is collected here there was a lot of food supply harvested from the river.

  During rainy days there were big erosions up in the mountains and  water overflow down all over. The  people gather woods and lumber for firewood's. There was a lot of fish to catch after the water subside. There was a lot of fun.

   1970's When the beautiful mountains losses all its big trees because of excessive logging, the big Karayan river started to dry up and completely dried up later.  The land escape was changed and  was moved to Gossood .




On that old pathway of  water there was ( Ubbog ) Spring water that runs from underneath  the ground . Originally the land was owned by the  Apong Carmen and Apong Anton Conception. There was with Two big Mango trees  and  a stream flowing down to Nagsabaran.( It is where i used to go spear fishing)

  During the early 1970's The Conception's sold the property to the Mangrobang's. It was a small rice land with a spring water and a  lake with rocky barren lands formerly the old Karayan around it. On the boundary of that land was a Public Road going to Mapandan. A road used by the farmer to access there land in Bariwawa.

The place Nagsabaran..

  It is a  deep River with shallow stream, there was abundant of fish like the Dalag, Paltat, Igat. Ayungin, Udang, Igat, Gurami and more  Shells like the Agurong Susu, Liddeg  Bisokol, Dukyang, etc . It was the source of food to most of the residence.

It was a very Primitive beginning. 1980's



   This virgin nature slowly been ruin by human. Abuse that most of this Fishes and Shells became extinct . After the introduction of the Hi-Breed Paltat and Bisokol, the native edible bisokol and Paltat slowly disappeared totally gone. Followed by this incident is the use and abuse of insecticide all over the rice field and rivers, The place Nagsabaran became a sanctuary of the Hi-Breed Bisokol which is not edible at all. A complete destruction of the echo system and the place is DEAD


1980's When my sister Cita Mangrobang Cabungan, on the early 80's decided to return to the Philippines, The memories of childhood for this formerly wonderful place made her heart  started to have a plan. To change the course of history and bring back nature once again with friendly human cooperation. Education to the locals that slowly made every one in that area love the benefits of nature once again. All people is in full cooperation. She never acted like a Rich Person. She is always humble up to this time.


 The Rice Fields and barren lands around the area was converted to a Mango Plantation. It became a very nice shade for all the people having picnic and fun. Which also give a lots of very sweet fruits. It's amazing it's called the Apple mango. The re construction process was slow but it keeps going and its very successful.

    As one of  8 years Kagawad of the Barangay Cita Mangrobang make and submitted lots of resolution to the Office of the Mayor municipality and Office of the Governor provincial government for the improvement of the road from Pedro L Quinez to Mapandan. It took about 30 years for the local government to make slowly and gradually improvement of the road..


 We could see and felt the happiness and love of the people. It's a feeling that forever in your whole life can never be forgotten. What is life with out love. Life is very short . The legacy of loving one another is a Golden treasure that last forever.

2000  The Hidden paradise Resort. Every day it keep changing and improving. There's a lot of construction going on, very slowly but carefully building up with love with all the people around the place.

2005 The Land Escape is very Beautiful

2006 The Creation of Two Swimming Pool

2007 Improving the Land escape and creation of more cottages

 History of the Resort Location of the Resort  People of the Resort Hidden Paradise Resort Slides with Music

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