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Welcome to Hidden Paradise Resort of Mayantoc.

                              Hidden Paradise Resort of Mayantoc 2013
History of the Resort Location of the Resort People of the Resort Hidden Paradise Resort Slides with Music


Hidden Paradise Resort

 Welcome to the Hidden Paradise Resort and Recreation Center. It's now over 20 years since the Resort started from a very primitive start to a very beautiful place of fun and happiness. A place where you can celebrate your Birthday, Wedding, Seminars, Meeting, Camping, Picnic and other kind of occasion and any especial event.

   To all the Balikbayans around the world, please come and witness the growing of the Hidden Paradise Resort. We are still very small at this time yet with your very prestigious visit it will inspire us to grow and just may be next time you come back you will love the place even more.  

It was Renamed by Ric Mangrobang during my vacation year 2005, It was originally the "Mangrobang Cabungan Resort". It was a great privilege to name the place to Hidden Paradise Resort. I thanks my sister Cita Mangrobang for giving me that opportunity to re-named the Resort

  President Owner and CEO : Mrs. Cita Mangrobang Cabungan

 Entrance fee is 30 pesos equivalent of 70 cents in American US dollar.

Fishing in the Pond is one my favorites while drinking a bottle of beer. The management put big fishes every week to increase the fun and Fishing Rod is available for Rent.

For some privacy there are several cottages to stay and enjoy with your family and friends.


Ric Mangrobang

 History of the Resort Location of the Resort  People of the Resort Hidden Paradise Resort Slides with Music

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